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As at November 2012

Guide To Treatments


Spa menus can be confusing;

either because what one spa calls a hammam another calls a tepidarium or because they're written in such flowery language that it's hard to understand what they're saying, so this guide is written to open up the wonderful world of spa treatments to everyone.


The most important thing about this guide is that it's all written from personal experience –

I only review treatments that I've tried.  You'll see this when you read each review, as I don't just explain the treatment but also how it felt.  Of course this doesn't mean that your experience will be the same, so much depends on personal taste, the spa you visit and the therapist, but I hope it gives you enough to decide if the treatment is right for you, and to have the confidence to check, when you book, that it's what you're expecting.


In some ways massage is the simplest and most natural thing in the world,

and many of the treatments you'll find in this guide have been practised for thousands of years.  Many of them you can also do quite easily at home.  Some of my favourite massages have been in places where there is no shared language, no spa menu, just a smile, a nod and a practitioner who knows more about your body and how to heal it than you do.


Having said that I've also had blissful five star spa experiences where reading the lengthy poetic description of the massage had my toes relaxing before I'd even reached the spa (hopefully these reviews will do the same for you).


There are delights to be had in the whole spectrum of treatments, from the simplest to the most elaborate.


Not all of the treatments have glowing reviews;

some of them just weren't for me, but I hope in describing them not to put you off but to highlight what the pitfalls may be.  For example, flotation wasn't for me but that may have been because I jumped in with both feet (as usual).  If you want to try this experience I'd recommend you start off more gently and acclimatise yourself to the sensation.


So whether you like the idea of a Tkissila, Snow Paradise or Lava Shell Massage just flip through this guide to see what it all means, and get ready to enjoy complete relaxation... mmmm... How soon can I be on a plane to Morocco?





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