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Like many things sunbathing now has a bad reputation as people have taken it to extremes.


Now, as many of us slip, slap, slop and cover ourselves from head to toe to prevent sun burn and skin cancer we can end up on the other end of the scale; in desperate need of a bit of sunshine.


Sunshine helps us to keep our vitamin D levels up, plus the spectrum of daylight is beneficial for many reasons, including helping us to sleep better, eat better and have a healthy metabolism.


Just as small babies suffering from jaundice need to be exposed to daylight we also may need a little extra dose of light.


One of the best ways to get safe sun is to be out early in the morning and later in the evening when the sun is not to dangerous.


In winter daylight bulbs and even Sunshine Rooms (there is one at K West Spa) can help us to stay sane.


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