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When I was a child my mother was very fond of homeopathic remedies, which involved giving us four little white tablets from tubs bought in Holland & Barrett dissolved on the tongue.  I liked them because we didn't get a lot of sweets.


The underlying principle of homeopathy is treating like with like; if you're allergic to a substance the idea is that by dosing you with an ultra low dosage of the same substance it will trigger your body's reactions so that you reduce the allergic reaction.  It's a centuries old principle that has been proven in some studies but can still be tricky to get your head around.


Personally I've had more success with herbal remedies, but my family have had great success particularly with allergies to insect bites, so definitely one to try out, as there are many homeopathic remedies available over the counter that are very cheap to try (another reason why we were given them as children).


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