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Bowen Technique


I love the Bowen Technique.

I'm also lucky enough to have found a practitioner who treats for next to nothing (at the Acacia Centre in Mitcham) so can really make the most of this treatment.


It's generally a very gentle treatment

so can be used for very fragile individuals who might not find other massages suitable; including babies, very elderly people and even animals.


To receive the treatment you lie down (although it can be done seated) fully clothed.  The therapist makes some small gentle moves on the body and then leaves the room for a few minutes.  The first time he did this I remember thinking "That's not going to do anything..." at which point I completely conked out.  It's a very weird sensation like a gentle version of Spock's Vulcan nerve pinch, because literally a few moments after the touch I felt completely relaxed.  A few minutes later my therapist reappeared and did the same thing again to different muscles and once again I conked right out.  The fascinating thing is that at the end I felt ready to sleep for about a week, but I felt refreshed and awake at exactly the same moment as he walked back into the room.


The treatment, developed by a man named Bowen, is thought to prompt the body to repair and restore itself - and it definitely worked for me.


My second treatment was a little bit more vigorous with a few slaps to my heel, and I also got a little extra tip on deep tissue massage which finally made it make sense for me.


Doing a little extra research it looks as though the Bowen Technique is advised to be used alone and not mixed with other treatments, which could be why we don't see it on too many spa menus, but I would heartily recommend this treatment and my therapist, especially if you're feeling a little bit delicate.


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