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Take it easy when ordering from the treatment “menu”, a rhassoul can be too much on top of a hammam, gommage and a massage, especially if it is your first time.


Drink lots of water, before, during and after - don’t be afraid to ask for bottles of water - in a water-poor country like Morocco it never hurts to bring your own.


Some spas are naked, others you’ll need your swimmies – make sure you check in advance, even if it is women only.  Paper knickers may also make an appearance - just wear them when asked and don’t worry if someone pulls them off - rhassoul mud and paper is not a good combination.


You may need electrolytes and/or salt afterwards, crisps and juice can be a very good idea.


No alcohol, before and after (my sister and I didn’t drink a jug of sangria before going to the spa in Barcelona.)


Try to leave it a little while after eating, so that you are neither too full or too hungry. (I didn’t eat a big plate of calamari before my spa in North London... or before the one in Barcelona.)


Treatments will often create a detox effect, this might mean you have to go to the toilet frequently afterwards, and this could continue even until the next day.  You may also notice that you have strange coloured wee, this is entirely normal, even if it is a little freaky.


Don’t plan anything specific afterwards, especially as you may be told to leave the oil on your body until the next day to get the full benefit.


Try to wear loose clothing, as you won’t want to have to put your tights back on afterwards - but they usually frown on you leaving still wearing the dressing gown!


Plan your journey back to your hotel – most spas will be more than happy to organise a cab for you, or, if you are walking just check you know the way – you might be a little bit spacey!


It might be an idea to check out what’s available at your hotel to eat when you get back, as you’ll probably want something light.


If you want to pack some herbal tea for your trip I highly recommend the Pukka Ayurvedic teas, my favourite is the Love one - it knocks me right out.


Also when you’re packing make sure you “pack” some chill out music on your phone or ipod - my sister and I argued over who had the most chilled out music, but I fell asleep to Joan Armatrading in the end.

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