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Chromotherapy actually means colour therapy, and is based on the belief that the exposure to certain colours can be therapeutic.


This could be based on the belief that different chakras relate to different colours - and that if your chakras are out of balance they can be rebalanced by exposure to either an individual colour or a series of colours.


On a more basic level many people feel more relaxed or energised when surrounded by natural colours.  Being exposed to lots of green on a country walk, the colours of the sea and sky when they’re blue, the yellow of a sandy beach.  (In fact this is probably why Dulux is so popular!)


Many spas use colour in different ways; natural earth colours to create calm, blue and green to symbolise water and air, red for either fiery stimulation or womb like comfort, or just lots of white which can make them feel clinical but efficient (and hygienic).


The specific Chromotherapy Room treatment at the Salon Sensoriale in the Terme di Chianciano Spa looked kind of weird.  It was basically a ceiling that looked like grey egg boxes that slowly changed colour.  But we thought we’d give it a go, and combined with the very comfy beds and the music on the headphones it actually made for a very pleasant experience.  Whether it helped me rebalance my chakras is another question, but it was a nice relaxation stop after all of the other experiences.


They also have a Chromotherapy Pool, which is along similar lines, if you dip your head underwater you can hear relaxing music.  I found this so relaxing that I thought I had been in there for 5 minutes then realised it was 20!  Very pleasant.

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