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Jade Stone Harmony Facial


I experienced this wonderful cold stone facial at Tian Spa at the Park Hyatt, Beijing.


The facial was wonderful, although it was slightly tingly around my nose (this is where I am often irritated by facial treatments, one of the reasons I avoid them), but it slowly calmed down and I do have to say that my skin looked much better when she handed me the mirror at the end.  (Mind you that could also have been the effect of all the treatments I had and lying down for 3 hours!)


Having tried hot stone massages in the past, this was the opposite, a cool white jade stone (in fact it felt like several) running over my face, felt wonderful after being hot and bothered in the sun.


Again, like the waitresses in China, the masseurs will tell you that you are too “hot” or “cold” - relating as much to the energy in you as your actual temperature, and my treatment took away some of the heat.  Well, I certainly felt a lot cooler and the redness in my face had disappeared by the end.




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