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Hydrotherapy Pool


This is probably the most technical term for a bubbly water pool that may incorporate many different features.  At the most basic level this just means a pool where water is used as a therapy (so could even refer to your bathtub).


Pseudonyms; Hot Tub, Jacuzzi (brand name), Spa aka Spa Bath, Whirlpool Bath, Thalassotherapy Pool, Vitality Pool.


May incorporate these features; Swan Neck Waterfalls, Underwater Loungers, Volcano Jets.


Related to general terms; Balneotherapy, Hydromassage, Hydrotherapy, Mineral Spa, Thalassotherapy.


Could be considered as related to; Chromotherapy, Flotation Tank, Lazy River, Clearwater Moon Healing, Plunge Pool (Ice Pool), Foot Spas/Foot Baths.


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