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Turkish Baths


Turkish bath is, like hammam, a term that is often used as a generic coverall for any kind of hot room, so I tend to use hammam as my blanket term.  However I wanted to add this specific definition for the Turkish Baths at Spa London - which they describe as being traditional.  (To be honest it’s hard to know what is traditional when every one I try seems to be different.)  I guess for many cultures where hot rooms/hammams/baths/saunas are a day to day part of the culture the words used are as simple as the word “bread” - but if you’ve ever visited the ever expanding bread section of a supermarket or a Parisian boulangerie you’ll know there’s nothing simple about “bread”.


Anyway, the Turkish Baths at Spa London consist of three wonderful heated stone rooms where you can lie back on the shelves and wander from room to room depending on your mood and temperature.


They are a dry heat, as opposed to the steam rooms on the other side of the hallway.


The coolest is the Tepidarium, then the Caldarium which is a lot hotter (my favourite) and Laconium (the hottest room).  (You'll also see that the Laconium at Senspa is a completely different type of room.)


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