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As at November 2012

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Holistic Treatments


Most of the treatments you'll find on here are holistic in one sense or another.


The definition of holistic is treating the person as a whole, not just the whole body, but also mind and spirit too.


Even some treatments you might think of as being focused on one body part, for example a head massage, can allow the mind to relax and heal the spirit.


Also psychotherapy which we often think of as treating just the mind can have a positive healing impact on the spirit and body too.


What I found quite interesting after years of working on myself through psychotherapy and life coaching, and seeing benefits to my mind, body and spirit through working through the mind, was the huge jump in wellbeing I experienced when I started doing reiki.  This is when I realised that we also sometimes need to go through the body in order to reach the mind and spirit.


We can think of meditation as a mental practice but it can have huge immediate positive benefits for our bodies and our spirit.


There are many degrees of what we can call holistic.  For example any form of exercise is generally beneficial to ourselves, however I have seen the maximum benefit for myself and others with Zumba Fitness, because, like many types of yoga, it is a holistic practice.

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